Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Week 4 - Is it yet a functional game?

After a lot of meetings and discussions about the game, we were able to, finally, come up with wonderful rules and functions for the game. However, we went through a lot of problems and argues. It was tough, frustrating, and stressful, but eventually we were able to get through those problems. On our last meeting we discussed few issues that we didn’t notice until we did our play testing. It was hard to figure out how many cars we will actually need to use for each player. Also, it was hard to come up with a method to balance out the points on the order cards. Adding to that, it was really hard to find a small size cars for the game.

Thankfully, we found cars on Ebay, which costed $4.99 only. We kept the pattern functionality going, because it’s our main function of the game. Adding to that, we combined the customer and action cards together, and gave them a new name, which is power cards. Power cards are considered the heart of the game. They give enough benefits and actions to the player to have enough fun to enjoy the game. As much as those cards can be help, they’re sometimes harmful for other players, which helps in delaying some customers in reaching their goals (finishing their deliveries). Tomorrow other players will be trying our game and hopefully they will give us feedback to help us work better towards our final production of the game.

During our group meeting, we were more concerned about the issues discussed during class, among ourselves, and also between ourselves and the professor, and figuring out solutions for those issues. One of these issues, was whether we should give the players extra orders or not, whether we keep two cars or just one car, or whether we should keep the traffic signs on the board for a longer durations, all these issues were tough and stressful; however, our group is full of smart and intelligent and we keep passing those obstacles and successfully create an overall enjoyable and fun game, which can be played by many players and different ages. 

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